News and Analysis (5/23/19)

“Anti-Semitism represents one of the biggest evils of our era. But to fight it, you should not become part of another injustice” — Saeb Erekat:

Creeping shariah law? Warren would tweak the assessment from 2.5% to 2-3%, increase the nisab from $5,000 to $50 million, and move  zakat from the hand of God into the hands of the IRS:

“To ensure a war doesn’t break out …Udall … plans to put forward a measure restricting the use of federal funds for any ‘military operations in or against Iran’ without congressional authorization” with exceptions …

… and the “House Appropriations Committee … would end the authorization for the use of military force (AUMF), as lawmakers grow increasingly concerned over the possibility of war with Iran” …

… but Democrats forget that America invaded Iraq because both parties “so inflated the threat from Saddam Hussein that restoring normal economic and diplomatic relations with his regime became politically impossible”:

“[T]he U.S. anti-abortion trends … diminish religious freedoms, since Muslim religious ethics make a strong case for women’s well-being taking priority over that of the fetus”:

Bolton’s chief backers in the push to war include a “funder of a secretive nonprofit that targeted swing voters with three disturbing anti-Muslim videos during the 2016 election” and a man who believes Iran is “the devil”:

“Beyond hedging [against inflation], crypto technology could also one day serve as the backbone of an alternative global payments system beyond the reach of any state or political actor, including the US“:

“Iran hawks have desperately sought to invent ties between Iran and al-Qaeda to further their aggressive policies against Iran, but it isn’t true and no one is falling for their deception this time” …

… and taking “the Houthis, or Shiite militias in Syria and Iraq for that matter, as merely pawns operating at Iran’s direction is based on a simplistic misreading of current dynamics and politics in the Middle East”:

“U.S. officials are shocked [– shocked!] by the news that Palestinian business leaders won’t accept their invitation to trade national rights for cash”:

Iran’s response to threats of total destruction: Genghis Khan is gone; Iran remains. “The nuclear deal promised Iran an orgy of cosmopolitan consumerism. Its collapse has led to an uplifting self-reliance”:






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