News and Analysis (5/26/19)

“Treaties, as defined by Article II of the Constitution, require a two-thirds majority of the Senate for ratification, so they have become almost unheard of” in Washington:

“Our argument is basically that we cannot — and no one reasonably can — be expected to unilaterally honor a multilateral agreement” — Majid Takht Ravanchi, Iranian ambassador to the U.N.:

“Zarif said Iran wanted to build balanced relations with its Gulf Arab neighbors and had proposed signing a non-aggression pact with them”:

“The Israeli military admitted on Thursday that Jewish settlers set West Bank fields on fire last Friday, changing its version after it originally blamed the arson on Palestinians”:

An “independent Palestine that could sell its goods in Arab countries and use Israeli ports… with no restrictions, would produce many more billions than the PA would receive through this deal” …

… but “Kushner … appears to be adopting … [the same] shady business practices [he developed in the private sector] in an attempt to force Palestinians into submission to perpetual Israeli dominance” …

… but the absurdity of the Kushner plan has an “unforeseen silver lining … that the U.S. has lost any remaining influence it had on Palestinian society” …

… and some think “Trump is now not only burying the two-state solution, which was not viable anyway, but he’s gladly dancing on its grave, thus forcing people to end their denial”:

“Khatami … is pointing out the benefits of local government and dispensation of justice in society. What he says will unite people rather than fragment the society”:

Instex … was designed to allow European companies to make payments to Iran independently of the US-dominated global financial transactions system. But EU companies” fear penalties on U.S. investments:

The Trump administration’s overstatement the significance Iranian moves and its obliviousness that any moves are reactions to American threats are disturbing:

“American allies are desperately trying to push Trump off the warpath” …

… and “Japanese media said a plan was being drawn up for Abe to visit Iran in June to meet President Hassan Rouhani in an attempt to mediate, and this was something Japan’s leader would discuss with Trump”:






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