News and Analysis (5/28/19)

“Last year, in a bold statement about what they felt was the program’s one-sided narrative, Birthright [Israel] participants began walking off the trip—live-­streaming their actions on social media”:

An unintended consequence of forcing India to end its Iranian oil purchases may be “Pakistan and China expanding footprints on [Pakistan’s] Chabahar Port if it is connected with [China’s] Gwadar Port”:

“Presidential elections are scheduled for early July, but they have been rejected by protesters, who say that holding a vote would be inappropriate while corrupt state officials remain in power” …

… while in Sudan, protest leaders “and army generals who seized power after ousting President Omar al-Bashir last month, have so far failed to iron out differences over who should lead a new governing body”:

“George Will marvels at conservatives who “preen as ‘originalists’ [but] are unimpressed by the Framers’ intention that Congress should be involved in initiating military force in situations other than repelling sudden attacks”:

“America and Israel succeeded in convincing these countries that the danger to them is coming from Iran, and because of that they will do anything they are asked by the U.S. and Israel”:

“Tear gas is forbidden as a weapon of war under the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, but its use on civilians worldwide continues to grow, with the ISF and U.S. prisons among the leaders”:

“Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis reiterated rejection to relocate his country’s embassy in Israel, citing that the move would contradict with the stances of the EU and UN”:






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