News and Analysis (5/30/19)

“The supposed holiness of religious scholars has elevated them beyond the point where they can be questioned or criticized. Ending this immunity will allow the population to regain trust in their own reasoning”:

The Trump administration’s updated travel warning for Iraq is prompting “American companies to withdraw workers from projects that are partly aimed at helping Baghdad wean itself off dependence on Iranian energy“:

Are Trump administration policies leading to a crisis in relations in U.S. with Europe …

… and between the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government?

“Egyptian authorities rearrested an Al-Jazeera journalist who was ordered released last week after more than two years in detention on accusations of spreading false news”:

Rap music led this proud white Texan from Houston to Islam:

Putin says that thanks to the Trump administration’s blunders in trying to isolate Iran, Russia’s relations with that nation “can evolve into a strategic relationship” …

… the same blunders may extend the “’period of strategic opportunity’ … for China to [surpass] the United States economically … and [achieve] a leading role in the evolution of the global system”:

“The road is not closed for them, whenever they put aside their cruel sanctions and return to the negotiation table that they left” — Hassan Rouhani:

Florida’s Islamophobic governor is being sued for holding a cabinet meeting in Israel (!), where he promised to make “antisemitism” (by which he means any criticism of Israel) “verboten”:

“The statements are a stark contrast to the kingdom’s actions in the region. Rumours have long been circulating that Saudi and Israeli officials have held secret meetings” and have openly moved towards normalization:

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