News and Analysis (6/7/19)

The murder of scores of Sudanese demonstrators by pro-government paramilitary forces sparks international condemnation:

An FBI informant accused of framing a Muslim immigrant for money laundering owns the limo “company that put a car on the road, despite bad brakes and a history of failed inspections.” killing twenty people:

Her reputation already damaged by “her failure to speak out against ethnic cleansing [and] imprisoning journalists,” Myanmar’s now makes common cause with Viktor Orbán’s soft fascism on immigration and Islam :

Suspicion of vaccinations in Pakistan will not be reduced by the revelation “that used syringes are being repacked, which may not only grow significantly the number of HIV cases but also other diseases”:

“In effect, the Trump administration has moved the red line for military escalation from the issue of nuclear weapons to a wide range of more commonplace Iranian activities”:

Palestinians ask, “‘All these ministers, what service do they provide to the people anyway?” as the PA has cut in half “the salaries of many employees in recent months due to an ongoing financial dispute with Israel”:

“Over the last two decades, Iran’s top partners for scientific collaboration were the [U.S]., Canada, the [U.K.] and Germany…. Iranian and American scientists have coauthored thousands of articles in scientific publications”:

The accused’s wife protests, “It would be impossible to surreptitiously block women’s fallopian tubes during caesarean sections, when a half-dozen staff members were on hand”:

“Mousavi dismissed Trump’s comments as ‘repetitive, groundless and paradoxical,’ and said they did not merit a response”:

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