News and Analysis (6/15/19)

Claims Iran planned an attack on tankers face doubts from experts, allies, circumstances, the crew of an attacked vessel, and almost everyone outside the U.S. & U.K. governments except the ever gullible mainstream media …

… and even some U.S. legislators are concerned about the shaky case being made for war …

… but autocrats in Saudi Arabia and the UAE are thrilled:

The condemned neighborhood “is adjacent to a forest, also located on privately owned land that was expropriated from its Palestinian owners in 1970” on which settlers will be allowed to build campgrounds and a zipline:

“Some 240 Israeli and Jewish academics and intellectuals have sent a letter to the German government urging it to oppose the motion … due to it being ‘based on the false allegation that BDS as such equals anti-Semitism'”:

Rather than demand Palestinians sell their inalienable rights for some billions of dollars, convert Israel-Palestine from an apartheid state plus an illusory state into a single state with equal rights for all:

Florida’s governor has “also endorsed Benjamin Netanyahu for reelection, said Netanyahu could run in the U.S. if things didn’t work out over there, and held a meeting with Cabinet officials in Israel”:

If Iran deems an issue “‘significant non-performance’ by its counterparts, it can treat it as ground ‘to cease performing its commitments under the JCPOA in whole or in part’ until others are brought back to order”:

“I found myself having to decide whether my humanity prevails, when I saw what happened to the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, or my Israeli loyalty would prevail. And I chose my humanity”:

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