News and Analysis (6/18/19)

“The public prosecutor said Mursi had collapsed in a defendants’ cage in the courtroom shortly after addressing the court, and was pronounced dead in hospital at 4:50 p.m.” …

… “The Egyptian government has a duty to explain his unfortunate death and there must be proper accountability for his treatment in custody” — Crispin Blunt, chairman of the UK’s Independent Detention Review Panel:

This precedent not only threatens the property and religious rights of Christians, but of Muslims as well:

Some would say this Georgia neighborhood neighborly response to this immigrant woman whose son was charged with terrorism is an “anomaly.” We think it was American:

“Al-Kadi has presented sufficient evidence from which a reasonable jury could find deprivation of a clearly established constitutional right” — Minnesota U.S. District Court Judge John Tunheim:

Pompeo’s absurd claim that the Taliban takes orders from Iran may be part of the plan to assert ” legal authority to take military action against Iran” in a two decades old law “intended to authorize the war in Afghanistan”:

“[T]here’s a deep division in Iran; but for the Revolutionary Guard to have done something like this that is embarrassing to the supreme leader would be very surprising”:

“Iranian officials announced their uranium stockpiles will soon exceed the limits the country agreed to as part of the 2015 nuclear agreement,” Thanks, Trump:

The 1988 shooting “down an Iranian airliner … killing all 290 people aboard that airplane … [including] 60 children … vividly displayed … how the U.S. government will brazenly lie to evade liability for its criminal misconduct”:

“[S]ome analysts… imagined it turning into what Israelis call a ‘victory picture’ for the U.S. administration…. Right now, almost no part of that vision seems likely to become a reality”:

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