News and Analysis (6/29/19)

Donald Rumsfeld called the Guantanamo detainees the worst of the worst, but NCIS special agent Robert McFadden found “not one approaching even the most liberal interpretation of a ‘high value detainee'”:

“Muslims … have played a key role in swinging elections”:

“A military court denied the appeal of a former Parris Island drill instructor sentenced to 10 years in prison for abusing three Muslim recruits, including … [one] who died during boot camp in 2016”:

“Iran said Friday (Jun 28) it had formally lodged a complaint to the UN Security Council over a US drone it says violated its airspace”:

“A French city closed two public swimming pools after seven Muslim women ‘inspired by Rosa Parks’ defied a citywide ban to swim in their burkinis on Sunday”:

Both Shias and Sunnis are appalled by an Australian preacher’s attempt to press Muslim sectarian tensions into the service of right-wing Islamophobes:

“Analysts say that Iran often keeps tabs on al-Qaeda and there have been al-Qaeda members inside Iran at various points, but they have often been under house arrest”:

Although the bill lacked the 60 votes needed for passage, 50 of the 90 votes rejected the notion that President Trump, in Sen. Schumer’s words, has “a blank check to pursue another endless war in the Middle East“:

“Mr. Colaneri and Mr. Crysel both admitted … to agreeing to … essentially kill members of the Islamic community in Islamberg, And Mr. Vetromile … admitted to his role as it related to the acquiring … explosive devices”:

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