News and Analysis (7/9/19)

The root cause of the current Persian Gulf crisis is the US withdrawal in May 2018 from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action …

… and here are five reasons why “the United States is in the wrong—politically, diplomatically, and even legally” in its dispute with Iran:

“Bolton manipulated [Trump] by advocating for the most extreme options …  when more modest ones would have sufficed … and he seems unable to think strategically about America’s interests”:

“If a convict voluntarily offers his or her organ before or after execution and no medical obstacle is offered, then the judge can approve this in coordination with the ministry of justice and the coroners’ office”:

No law mandates headscarves, so they “were charged with ‘gathering and colluding to commit crimes against national security’, ‘spreading propaganda …’ and ‘inciting and facilitating corruption and prostitution'”:

“The internet shutdown forms part of a larger effort to stifle the free expression and association of the Sudanese population, and to curtail the ongoing protests” — UN human rights experts:

“The opposition Alliance for Freedom and Change … has [replaced] actions aimed at the military junta that were scheduled for this week … with activities that support the agreement signed” with the junta:

“If we had a thing against being gay then we would have campaigned when Mr Moffatt was appointed four years ago. He’s homosexual, that’s fine. … But his sex life needs to be left in his bedroom”:

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