News and Analysis (7/15/19)

Is this Trump’s big chance?  Is he smart enough to seize it?

British FM Jeremy Hunt promised Javad Zarif to return the ship if Iran satisfies the Gibraltar court that the ship is not bound for Syria:

Taking a lead from China, Israel’s Anyvision’s confidential project “includes facial recognition technology elsewhere in the West Bank, not just at border crossings”:

“Ayatollah Khomeini put it shortly after the revolution: ‘We recognize our Jews as separate from those godless Zionists'” and unlike the U.S. and Germany, “Iran has not seen a single attack on a Jewish building”:

Netanyahu called Peretz’s anti-gay comments “unacceptable” but offered no objection to his desire to deny Palestinians the vote:

“[E]ven if the act succeeds in preventing such manufacturers in most countries from selling mining units to Iran, … this might not prevent Bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining from taking place in the Islamic Republic”:

On a plane leaving Turkey (!) two women accused three bearded men in prayer shawls of being “terrorists”; and one “stood at the front of the plane screaming abuse[, refusing] to let the plane take off with them on board” …

… while in the U.S., Trump told four Congresswomen to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” Three were born in the U.S. and the fourth lived here since she was a child:

“Attitudes have changed. In 1980, two-thirds believed women should wear hijabs. Today, fewer than 45% approve of government intervention in the issue”:

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