News and Analysis (7/18/19)

“Her relatives expressed serious concern …, saying it was ‘unusual for political prisoners to be guarded by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, rather than regular prison guards during hospital treatment'”:

“Demonstrators on Tuesday also demanded the Lebanese ministry of labour overturn a rule that requires Palestinian workers to obtain a work permit in order to gain employment”:

“[W]omen told researchers that the Islamic faith was ‘sometimes unjustifiably used to maintain family norms and traditions which are based more on cultural and patriarchal constructs'”:

The High Court “routinely rejects petitions filed by Palestinians – while … [approving] systematic human-rights violations, including forcible transfer, collective punishment, blanket impunity to … security forces and torture”:

“[W]ith the success and recognition of ‘Ramy’ and ‘Patriot Act,’ the future of American Muslim portrayals on screen feels brighter today than it ever has before”:

“If the OIC wants to be the global voice for the rights of oppressed Muslims everywhere, its members need to stop looking the other way and denounce China’s abusive policies in Xinjiang”– HRW China director:

According to the Pew Research Center, “Israel was one of the top 20 most religiously restrictive countries in the world, according to Pew. It also has the fifth-highest level of ‘social hostilities related to religious norms'”:

“The US has wanted to base troops there for some time because security assessments have shown Iranian missiles would have a difficult time targeting the remote area”:

“Washington has gotten Iran wrong for nearly seven decades. President Trump has an opportunity to get it right, but that will require an entirely new approach”:

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