News and Analysis (8/31/09)

“So far, there has been no known friction with conservatives over the new excavations” of non-Muslim sites, but “hard-liners have been known to raze even ancient Islamic sites to ensure that they do not become objects of veneration”:

McChrystal compares “the US military to a bull charging at the matador-like Taliban and slightly weakened with each ‘cut’ it receives” …

… but Anthony Cordesman thinks no strategy can succeed short-term:

The Meghrabi controversy is not over:

“I don’t think the reconciliation will include a review of the election or delegitimize Ahmadinejad. It will look at the torture accusation and it will basically smooth out the court procedure to remove all the hard-line accusations” – Mustafa Alani:

Despite US attempts to reduce the scope of it’s responsibilities in Iraq, funding needs are likely to exceed $1.8 billion annually:

Emphasizing the radical nature of the BJP party, Jaswant Singh is expelled over a sympathetic portrayal of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of Pakistan in his book:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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