News and Analysis (7/31/19)

“[N]either the Saudi government nor the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC, responded to multiple requests for comment about the disappearance and detention of various Saudi citizens”:

“Authorities in the Chinese capital have ordered halal restaurants and food stalls to remove Arabic script and symbols associated with Islam from their signs, part of an expanding national effort to ‘Sinicize’ its Muslim” people …

… while its boasts of “mission accomplished” are rejected by China policy experts and ethnic Uighur Muslims abroad who say that those nominally freed are forced into labor programs”:

The revaluation constitutes monetary surrender in the face of a rial that “has plunged from 32,000 to $1 at the time of the 2015 deal to around 120,000 to $1 these days”:

Instant divorce is prohibited by the Qur’an which requires a divorce take three months, but Modi think those who do not fear God will fear him:

After featuring Zoha Rahman in Spider-Man: Far From Home as “Marvel’s first inclusion of a hijab-wearing Muslim character,” Marvel announces Mahershala Ali will be the new lead of Marvel Studios’ reboot of Blade“:

Denouncing the government’s attempt to brand the demonstrators as terrorists, the cardinal insists, “From my own understanding, the protests were always peaceful and we never saw them armed”:

In a racist conception of “balance,” Israel will spend tax money building 6,000 new homes for illegal settlers while allowing only 700 Palestinians to build homes on their own land with their own money:

“Boris is not the only ‘passionate Zionist’ on the frontbench. In fact, all four Great Offices of State are now occupied by committedly pro-Israel MPs” and any no-deal Brexit will increase dependency on Trump’s America:

“[T]his administration’s Iran outreach falls flat, because it’s rooted in ignoring the lived experience of Iranians — not least the devastation wrought on them by U.S. policy”:

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