News and Analysis (8/2/19)

“On Monday, Pompeo tweeted: ‘We aren’t afraid of [Zarif] coming to America where he enjoys the right to speak freely.'” Change your mind, Mike? …

… the EU will not buy in:

Commissioners of a Long Island fire department that lost a man in the response to the 9/11 attacks on the three World Trade Center buildings unanimously passed the resolution:

“[W]hile the Middle East-North Africa region had the highest levels of religious restrictions in the world, Europe saw some of the biggest increases over the last decade in certain types of restrictions”:

Hindu nationalists have demanded that Zamato “should … serve Muslims non-Halal food” but the company responds “that as an aggregator, it neither prepares the food nor decides whether or not it is Halal”:

“[H]arrassment began about a month ago, when a Jerusalem Magistrate Court’s judge …rejected the state’s contention that the family’s home is illegal”:

You’ve heard of “liberal except on Palestine?” Now there’s “privacy except for Palestinians”:

“Inspired by the civil rights and anti-apartheid movements, it calls for Palestinian liberation on terms of full equality with Israelis and categorically opposes all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism”:

Companies punishing innocents in “countries targeted by sanctions so as to avoid coming under fire themselves … compromis[e] the … online freedoms and global open source communities they were set up to facilitate”:

“No one has claimed responsibility for the other attack which Medecins Sans Frontieres said killed 10 people. Past car attacks in Yemen have been carried out by Islamist militant group al Qaeda”:

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