News and Analysis (8/5/19)

Jehan Hakim, chair of the Yemeni Alliance Committee, explains, “[O]ur Islamic values come in where we have to fight for justice even in the face of a tyrant, even if it’s speaking against your own family”

Robin Wright says that Javad Zarif gave Rand Paul multiple ways of guaranteeing Iran would never have a nuclear weapon, but suggested that “if Trump wanted more, he would also have to offer more” …

… but knowing Trump prefers direct negotiation,  …

… administration hawks have convinced him to sanction the man who could help him prevent war. Is the President smart enough to see through their manipulation?

… before Iran must choose between joining Egypt in calling for a nuclear free Middle East or emulating Israel in “developing nuclear weapons in defiance of international agreements on denuclearisation” …

… under the circumstances, not only Europe and the UAE, but even the Saudis have signaled a willingness to negotiate with Iran:

Defenders of Trump’s call for four Congresswomen to go back where they came from “conflate love of Israel with love of America because they see Israel as a model for what they want America to be: An ethnic democracy”:

“Tlaib’s visit, which she plans for August together with her fellow “squad” member Ilhan Omar and other US officials, is going to be significantly different from these AIPAC-organised visits”:

Iran says the captured ship “was carrying 700,000 liters of fuel, without elaborating on the nationalities of the detained crewmen”:

“The government’s August 4 directive … said employing cryptocurrencies is permitted if users accept the risks involved, and also banned using cryptocurrencies as methods of payment inside Iran”:

One attorney said his client “had merely protested compulsory hijab and had nothing to do with other charges claimed by the prosecutor.” None were allowed to represent at indictment, interrogation, or trial:

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