News and Analysis (8/8/19)

“India … sent tens of thousands of troops to its northern state of Jammu and Kashmir[,] … cut phone and Internet service and put Kashmiri politicians under house arrest … [revoking part] … of the Indian Constitution”:

The “[b]lunder … described as insulting to both Muslims and journalists” demonstrates that “newsrooms need to be diverse, & if you hire more diverse staff, this won’t happen”:

The court ruled that Fordham disapproved Students for Justice in Palestine for criticism “of Israel, rather than some other nation, in spite of the fact that SJP advocates only legal, nonviolent tactics [against] Israel’s policies”:

Rather than building a relationship with the Muslim community, the clumsy Canadian fishing expeditions are engendering “less trust for the government[,] … less … [feeling] that ‘This is my home'” :

A Christian, she experimented with fasting when a Muslim told her it increased empathy for the poor; it made her feel so good that by the end of Ramadan she was seriously studying Islam:

A Muslim woman “born and raised in West Philadelphia” says that while at a water park with her children, she “asked the woman in front of her to stop cursing” and was told “to “go back” to where she came from”:

“Official sources now admit that they were well aware that people were being killed when even the State did not claim that this is justified … [yet only now has the IDF] decided to change the open-fire regulations”:

Americans were asked “If you were expelled & resettled into a resource restricted area, would you fight to return or forfeit legal claims for a new life under a promised economic development plan?” 68% said “fight”:

“War is not our business, but negotiations and diplomacy are. War is not our purpose. Peace is our mission. Peace is our philosophy in life, and you are right, diplomacy is our art” —

… “This is idiotic. If Trump wants to talk, as he claims, he needs to talk to Iran’s chosen representative”– Jarrett Blanc, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:

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