News and Analysis (8/14/19)

“We had to stick our arms out through a small opening in the door. We soon realized that after our injections that we didn’t get our periods anymore”:

“Many of the BJP’s aspirations and policy proposals for Kashmir are imitations of extant Israeli practices in Palestine” including building “Israeli-style Hindu-only settlements in Kashmir”:

Ashraf Ghani never followed through with his promises to Internally Displaced Persons “that if they were to vote for him, they would receive plots of land and support”:

Use of the IHRA working definition of antisemitism to prevent “a bike ride raising awareness of the plight of the Palestinian demonstrates the real threat to freedom of expression that it represents”:

“[F]eminism in Islam… emphasizes the inclusion of Muslim women in the religious sphere, with no conflict with their call for their political rights or their active participation in public life”:

“[I]ncome tax is considered an oppression in classical Islamic law. If the only tax we had to pay was 2.5% of whatever we own for a year, most, apart from the ultra-rich would find they’d pay a lot less tax”:

Beyond its bombings, demolitions and invasions of Palestinian schools, Israel creates a “Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare for any international scholar wishing to teach at a Palestinian university “:

“Although the petition focused on the blindfolding, it also argued that the Palestinian shepherds were generally detained … for punitive purposes … [contravening the] purpose of and procedures for detaining Palestinians” …

… “While most of the village’s inhabitants were sitting down to a festive meal, a large police force arrived, entering the Masri family’s parking lot and shooting point blank at a person’s leg”:

Only intervention by the Revolutionary Guard saved him from a death penalty after the ministry of Intelligence tortured him into a false confession:

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