News and Analysis (8/16/19)

Has Trump inadvertently bullied Israel into admitting that–for once–it fears the U.S. Congress?

“Since a presidential decree abolished the state … the Internet has been shut down, cellular networks have been disabled, and even landlines went dead. Public assembly is banned, and citizens are under curfew” …

… “One Indian journalist put it to me bluntly. ‘Most Indians see Israel as kindred spirits – nationalists who hate Muslims. … ‘We have our own West Bank now, complete with settlements,’ one Indian friend said to me”‘:

An honest assessment of the “12 areas where the Trump administration sought Iranian concessions” shows that of “12 demands, none have been met”:

“A third defendant, Vincent Vetromile, 20, is scheduled to be sentenced to seven to 12 years in prison Aug. 29 after pleading guilty to weapons possession”:

“[T]he same playbook that has been employed against the Muslim and other immigrant communities, specifically refugees from the Middle East, has been employed against the immigrant community as a whole”:

The UAE “and Israel already share some security connections. … But including the United States … could signal … commitment to the Trump administration’s so-called maximum pressure campaign “:

Lies, distortions, and half-truths must be refuted, but absurdities such as “even before the deal’s existence, Iran was violating its terms” refute themselves:

“[H]e reportedly told a Muslim woman to ‘go back to your country’ and walked toward her with a knife”:






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