News and Analysis (8/21/19)

“Both in Egypt and Turkey, Islamic movements have struggled to survive in authoritarian regimes that exert strong control over religious practice”:

“[T]he judges insist on building a case against Tariq Ramadan” despite the fact that the investigations commissioned by them concluded that the “two plaintiffs’ testimonies … are not reliable”:

What Ali Al-Arian attributes to a “colonised readings of the Islamic tradition that push for political quietism and obedience to state power” may be a product of a preference to cozy up to authority over grass-roots organizing:

If the pending agreement requires the Taliban deny terrorist groups use of “Afghanistan as a springboard to launch attacks around the world” it would fail because the Taliban lacks the ability to do that:

Omar condemned both police threats to suppress an LGBTQ demonstrations and any pretense that such threats undermine the “case for defending Palestinian rights”:

[P]eople know and like their [Muslim] neighbours and they don’t believe everything they see on TV”:

“NBCU-backed Working Title Television is making Lady Parts, a six-part comedy about an all female Muslim punk band”:

“[E]xtolling the alleged success stories of detainees at the camps and claiming that the detention centers were not meant to interfere with religious beliefs and practices” ads targeted the U.S. and other countries”:

“Riyadh is concerned about any US-Iranian dialogue tour that takes place outside its political radar. Riyadh seems at the same time terrified of any dialogue with Tehran about which Washington does not know in advance”:

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