News and Analysis (8/26/19)

Expansion of foreigner tribunals, plans for “huge new detention camps,” arrest of hundreds “on suspicion of being a foreign migrant — including a Muslim veteran of the Indian Army,” have driven dozens to suicide”:

Iran said that “the owner and purchaser of this oil will decide the destination of the cargo” and separately “announced that it had deployed a naval destroyer with cruise missiles to help secure Iranian ships”:

While they were in the Navy, a gag order prevented them from telling the truth about Israel’s attack on the U.S.S. Liberty; now, the American Legion picks up where the Navy left off:

He defined an Arab Jew culturally as “a Jew who speaks Arabic and grew up in a Muslim environment'” but younger “Mizrahi intellectuals” use the term “to highlight … reluctance to be part of the Zionist existence of the state”:

“I’m tired of being branded a terrorist; tired that a human life lost in my country is no loss at all. It is our responsibility to do our utmost to acquire the answers, to dig them up with our bare hands if we must”:

“There is no legal ban (on the presence of women in stadiums] and we must activate the infrastructure, which is underway”– Jamshid Taghizadeh, the sports ministry’s deputy for legal and provincial affairs

Sauce for the gander? Iran calls U.S. sanctions on its citizens “economic terrorism” and when Iran likewise sanctions U.S. citizens, the U.S. accuses them of “directly or indirectly compromising the safety of” Americans:

Even to get an Internet connection just to file this story, the reporter had to go to Jammu:

Trump said that Macron’s meeting with Iran’s FM during the G7 was not “‘disrespectful at all, especially when he asked me for approval.’ Still, Trump said he felt it was too early for a meeting with Zarif himself”:

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