News and Analysis (8/29/19)

SIS invited a dangerous intervention of state authority into religious questions by asking the High Court to rule on the merit of a wrong-headed fatwa (nonbinding opinion) declaring “liberalism and pluralism” unIslamic:

The Palestinian student protests, “I shouldn’t be held responsible for what others post,” after an unwarranted search of his smart phone revealed he has acquaintances who oppose U.S. policy …

… while Israel raids even “areas under the full control of the Palestinian Authority … with no need for a search warrant, whenever and wherever the military chooses … with … sweeping arbitrary powers” …

“[T]he parliamentary bloc controlled by the PMF leadership, today called U.S. forces … [in the] fight against ISIS, to leave Iraq, [as] …it considered the [Israeli] drone attack a declaration of war on Iraq and its people” …

… while in Israel there are “suspicions that the prime minister’s political interests were behind the operation:

The judgment requires “authorities to introduce the options “unmarried, widower or divorced” for [both the bride and] the groom on the certificate” to respect gender equity in the right to privacy:

The two Muslim women who created Marvel Comics’ Kamala Khan “gave the character’s experiences and struggles a raw honesty [t]hat will continue with the screen … series’ writer and showrunner” Bisha Ali:

“Suleiman has received $150,000 in donations. Now he’s using the money to pay the bail for ten detainees who have children. … Many, but not all contributors are Muslim”:

China parades “students” who say they are “grateful” for their incarceration. “‘If not for the [Chinese] government, I would someday become a terrorist,’ said one detainee while wiping tears from his eyes”:

“Prominent Muslim scholars have released a whitepaper certifying that Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, ether,  is, in fact, Shari’ah compliant” unless used for haram purposes:

There are hawks at other think tanks, but none “has made an institutional specialty of recommending hard-line Iran policies and offering detailed proposals for how to implement them the way the FDD has done”:






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