News and Analysis (9/10/09)

Experts believe Iranian scientists could rapidly develop at least one nuclear bomb, how will this change the terms and strategy of negotiations?

Former Guantánamo guard and Islam convert was schedule to address a support group for inmates of the camp and was denied entry into Britain because he was unemployed, rented property in the US, which raised the suspicions he might stay:

The fine is nearly equal to the entire cost of the company, leading many to question prime minister Erdogan’s involvement:

Free speech and political satire could break the deadlock in Palestinian politics:

The alliance is a positive sign for hte end of violence and a successful election in April 2010…

… Meanwhile, evidence of false accusations and misreported accounts emerges:

“He’s under the impression that this way he will be able to change his reputation in the eyes of women’s rights groups around the world as a closed, brutal dictator… He wants to be seen as a broadminded president”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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