News and Analysis (9/11/09)

Although the US has rejected Iran’s proposal, the offer may serve as a basis for substantive talks on the nuclear issue:

Nancy Pelosi and Carl Levin are among the top democrats opposing another troop surge into Afghanistan:

Despite the Israeli blockade, Gazans attempt to bring normalcy through smuggled goods during the month of Ramadan:

In the midst of an energy crunch, could Bangladesh’s example provide an solution for overused air conditioners:

“I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach every year… I feel on 9/11 others look at me and blame me for the events that took place.”

“President Karzai has got to be realistic. One way is to try and reach a coalition and let his other presidential candidate come into that coalition government”:

The state of Al-Qaida eight years after September 11:


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