News and Analysis (9/14/09)

In Wardak Province, a unit “kicked in doors, tied up four hospital employees and two family members of patients, and forced patients out of beds” and declared that coalition forces would decode whether the hospital staff could treat any wounded militants …

… in the meantime, has Kandahar quietly fallen?

As US officials continue to press for a solution in Israeli /Palestinian relations…

… Israeli Arabs protest their treatment as second class citizens, which could result in “a mass explosion of tension that will dwarf anything that’s gone on ‘in Gaza and the West Bank'”…

… Meanwhile, it is not clear Hamas will sign on to the latest proposal for  reconciliation with Fatah unless political prisoners are freed first:

European diplomats believe the negotiations are just an attempt to delay UN sanctions against Iran:

Emboldened by the fear of censorship, students find inspiration in art to combat the repressive nature of the Taliban:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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