News and Analysis (9/17/09)

Unless the UN investigation invalidates a substantial portion of the 10% of votes under review, Karzai will be announced the winner of Afghanistan’s election:

Mahdi is not advocating for renegotiation of SOFA but believes there are more successful strategies  in using the US troops available …

… But in the heat of battle how can you distinguish a shoe from a grenade?

As Israel persists in avoiding investigation of and denying wrongdoing in the invasion of Gaza …

… its defense minister Ehud Barak faults the Muslim world for not behaving like Western Europe:

As political factions clash, the people continue to suffer, without shelter, “sitting in the open, on the roads” with “nowhere to go” facing  “shortages of food and water”:

The “Doha Debates” television program forces audiences to think critically and challenge their preconceived opinions:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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