News and Analysis (9/19-20/09)

The “intelligence surge” will rival that of Vietnam and Iraq at the peak of their respective conflicts, in hopes that what idn’t work there will a solution to the rising insurgency in Afghanistan:

Khamenei takes a more nuanced position on the elections protests, but is unequivocal in rejecting US nuclear accusations …

… while “Israel will not co-operate” at all as its chief delegate David Danielli denounces concern ofver its nuclear program as ” reinforcing political hostilities and lines of division in the Middle East region”:

Negotiations must hit a dead end without representation from Hamas:

Government forces are making little military progress as the second ceasefire, which was suppose to coincide with Eid-al-fitr, breaks down:

Amid expanding mistrust between Pakistani citizens and the US government:

Cultural confusion: Egypt’s oppression is obvious, but is it meant to promote secularism or religion?


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