News and Analysis (9/23/09)

Among the leading alternative strategies, Obama considers accelerating troop training in Afghanistan while using predator attacks and special forces to focus in on Al Qaeda along the Pakistani border:

“Does the United States have any obligation to men like Ghafoori, whom the U.S. military once funded and fought with against a common enemy?”

Potentially damaging his credibility and political leverage in reconciliation talks with Hamas, Abbas broke his vow not to meet with Israel until a settlement freeze was in place…

… Meanwhile, Obama bluntly calls for the beginning of “permanent status negotiations”, a sign his administration has grown weary of the wavering peace process:

A military strike will undoubtedly unify and embolden Iranians behind Ahmadinejad:

Conflict and chaos continue to engulf the Swat valley despite the government’s claim to success against the Taliban:


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