News and Analysis (8/31/19)

Contrary to popular (mis)perception American Muslims are well-integrated. A Rice University professor of Islamic history thinks Muslim Americans are “finding new ways of expressing their faith” without losing their religion:

The 19 year-old woman, “currently housed in … a shelter home for females in Lahore” “has filed a case in Lahore High Court accusing her family of giving her death threats,” that is, threatening an “honor killing”:

“My commitment is to freedom[,] … from patriarchy[,] … from racism[,] … from occupation and apartheid.” Noura Erakat explains why opposing deportation of African asylum seekers must be part of the struggle:

“They demolish our houses while we build theirs”:

“Abbas said that Palestinians are ready to negotiate a two-state solution within 1967 borders, but he” calls “for Europe to play a greater role in the Middle East peace process because he says the US is not neutral”:

Jerusalem “does not belong to any specific group because it belongs to all monotheists … [which] is how countless Muslim rulers treated the city, even when … their power could have allowed for that”:

His supporters say he was legally married to the woman in the video clip, which “a foreign intelligence agency … released when he refused to take part in a Canadian TV show critical of the Iranian regime”:

“Macron’s bet didn’t pay off… Zarif wasn’t senior enough…. Perhaps if President Hassan Rouhani had arrived in Biarritz, … Trump would have found a dramatic meeting irresistible”:






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