News and Analysis Updates

New ‘Shariah’ laws in Aceh aimed at curbing gambling, alcohol, and gender mixing, begs the question “Why have they not introduced the Shariah laws on corruption? Stealing in Islam is a bigger sin than these small sins”:

Muslims sue government alleging discriminatory in lengthy delays in receiving citizenship:

US Diplomacy in the Middle East: “power is not the same thing as influence”:

Despite announced suspension of air strikes, Israel continues to hit targets across Lebanon as ground forces expands invasion:

US will no longer able to use UK civilian airports to ship bombs to Israel, but will be able to use UK military bases

UN resolution demands Iran ‘suspend uranium enrichment and open its nuclear programme to international inspections’ by August 31st or else Iran will face “appropriate measures”

Women and children defy restrictions on demonstrations to march across Muslim world in protest of killings in Qana, Lebanon:

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