News and Analysis (9/29/09)

“Do federal judges have the power to order detainees released into the United States?”

In refuting critics, Goldstone says that “a lack of accountability for war crimes committed in the Middle East had reached ‘crisis point’, undermining any hope for peace in the region“:

Retaining former Bush staffer Stuart Levey, Obama focuses strategy around a global effort to suffocate the Iranian economy…

… Meanwhile, “Many now consider the nuclear program a core propaganda element of Ahmadinejad’s administration, trumpeted as an inviolable national interest to divert attention from the political and economic failures of the Iranian government”…

… However, Iranian officials justify their position claiming the revealed facility complies with regulations, will not enrich uranium more than 5% and the missile tests illustrate the military is able to target any place that threatens Iran:

Pakistanis and Americans differ over the threat posed by Quetta Shura:

Meshaal believes the Egyptian proposal is a “good basis” for reconciliation negotiations:


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