News and Analysis (2/23/07)

Most “of the tip-offs about supposed secret weapons sites provided by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies have led to dead ends when investigated by IAEA inspectors, according to informed sources in Vienna:”

· US Intelligence on Iran Does Not Stand Up, Say Vienna Sources (Guardian Unlimited)

Canada rejects secret evidence:

· Canadian Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-Terror Law (Reuters)

Less than three months after his father’s meeting with George Bush:

· US Forces Detain Son of Senior Iraqi Shiite Leader (AFP)

Shadow PM argues that the real reason or the British troop reduction in Iraq is to allow adding overextended troops in Afghanistan:

· More UK Soldiers for Afghanistan (BBC)

A “Sunni insurgent group … issued an audio statement on its Web site Thursday saying 300 insurgents have volunteered to conduct suicide operations to avenge the woman … and 20 offered to marry her:

· Rape of Second Sunni Woman by Iraqi Security Forces Alleged (Washington Post)

The pending U.N. decision may set a precedent as to whether are states or individuals responsible for genocide:

· U.N. Court to Rule in Landmark Bosnia Genocide Case (Reuters)

Ethiopia denies that its interventionism is a front for American operations:

· U.S. Hunted Al Qaeda Suspects from Ethiopia: Paper (Reuters)

“They made tilings that reflect mathematics that were so sophisticated that we didn’t figure it out until the last 20 or 30 years”—Peter Ku (Harvard):

· Advanced Geometry of Islamic Art (BBC)

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