News and Analysis (2/24-25/07)

Defense seeks the rest of the evidence to see if any of it is real:

·     Evidence Against Muslim Charity Appears Fabricated: An Official Summary of an FBI-wiretapped Conversation Contains Anti-Semitic Slurs that Do Not Appear in the Actual Transcript (LA Times)

Rania wants Muslims to reject terrorism …

·     Jordan Queen Urges Muslims to Reject Extremism (AFP)

… while a British newspaper accuses the U.S. of supporting it

·     US Funds Terror Groups to Sow Chaos in Iran (Telegraph)

Converts see parallels to government’s earlier demonization of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X:

·      Post 9 / 11, Islam Flourishes Among Blacks (NY Times / Reuters)

A secularist turned pious Muslim infiltrates the extremist:

·      Infiltrating the Extreme (LA Times)

Iranian defense minister credits Western sanctions for space exploration initiative:

·      Iran Says Fires First Rocket into Space (AFP)

Details unannounced, and the Kurdish minister of natural resources isn’t talking:

·     Leaders of Iraq’s Kurdish Region Reportedly Approve Draft Oil Law (Washington Post)

Economic liberal who ended decades of socialist rule runs for re-election in stable Muslim democracy:

·     Senegal Votes, Wade Seeks First-Round Victory (NY Times / Reuters)

Muslim scholar researches on female hadith scholars is up to 40 volumes with 8,000 entries:

·     Reconsideration: A Secret History (NY Times Magazine)

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