News and Analysis (10/20/09)

Putting aside Obama administrations objections:

Karzai accepts the decision to throw out 954,526 votes and agrees to a run off with Abdullah Abullah:

Without legislation dictating election procedure, Iraq is becoming dangerously close to unconstitutional limbo:

Hezbollah believes the spying devices were installed during the 2006 war with Israel and that upon their discovery, Israel detonated the devices …

… Meanwhile another case of Israeli spying on America is uncovered:

Obama implements stick and carrot policy keeping sanctions but promising incentives for improvement “on human rights and the advancement of peace”:

Iranian Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Ali Sharisdian calls the talks “a test of the sincerity of those [Western] countries,” saying if they fail or sellers balk “Iran will enrich uranium to the 20 percent level needed itself”:

Officials deny any ties between the Dawa Party and the Students League, who are responsible for the violence on campus:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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