News and Analysis (10/21/09)

Although previous sentences of this nature have been commuted, the decision illustrates the state of political freedom in Iran:

As Israel attempts to retroactively legalize its aggression in Gaza …

… Goldstone observes that “those who attack [his report] do so too often by making personal attacks on its authors’ motives and those who approve it rely on its authors’ reputations”:

The group carried a letter addressed to Turkish officials including calls for an end to military operations against the rebels, allowing Kurdish-language education, and ending what they called “pressure and oppression” by security forces in mainly Kurdish villages and cities:

A company founded by an anthropologist turned venture capitalist enables farmers to export olive oil helps the West Bank develop a cash economy:

Israeli soldiers have forced “scores of migrants” who have survived the risk of gunshot from Egyptian and Israeli border guards without allowing them to file claims for asylum:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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