News and Analysis (10/29/09)

“While the new law addresses some of the defects of the military commissions, it fails to bring the tribunals in line with the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions” – Jameel Jaffer, director of the ACLU’s National Security Project:

Iranian amendments to the agreement include the gradual transfer of low-enriched uranium rather than a single shipment and a “simultaneous exchange” of fuel for a research reactor in Tehran in return for sending low-enriched uranium abroad…

… Meanwhile, Congress prepares to give the Obama administration an arsenal of sanctions despite the administration’s claims that they prefer sanctions in a “multilateral fashion”:

Analysts believe that  even if the report gets to the Security Council, there is little chance concrete action will be taken because of the veto power of the US:

In supplying the Pakistani army , the US is also fueling anti-government rhetoric from the Taliban:

Although iut claims Abbas has overstayed his term, Hamas calls January elections illegal because “Palestinian factions including Hamas and Fatah had agreed during unity talks that a new body should be formed“:


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