News and Analysis (9/5/19)

A “student … organized … petition supporting him … garnered more than 7,000 signatures” and his plight “elicited … support from … organizations including … the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education”:

The true purpose of the movement to equate any criticism of Zionism as anti-Semitic is to sparer Zionists of the impossible task of refuting the charge that Zionism is unjust:

“Hawks in Israel and America have spent more than a decade agitating for war against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. Will Trump finally deliver?” …

… “[I]t is incumbent upon journalists to do in 2019 what we collectively did not do in 2003 [in the build-up to the Iraq invasion]: Check the facts, challenge the lies, debunk the myths”:

He was prepared to die defending his country, but ended up with PTSD from persecution by the Department of Justice:

The man who wrote what is “perhaps the most famous translation of the” Qur’an had an “understanding of Islam [that] was very liberal. He wanted a reconciliation between the Muslim and Western philosophy”:

“David Parnham’s campaign calling for Muslims to be ‘butchered’ sparked increase in hate crime” …

… while Vincent Vetromile, 20, was sentenced to seven years in state prison with five years of post-release supervision for his role in the plan to attack Islamberg, … located approximately 50 miles northeast of Binghamton”:

“The courier behind that intrusion … was an inside mole recruited by Dutch intelligence agents at the behest of the CIA and the Israeli intelligence agency, the Mossad”:

“[How long will we] accept the authenticity of hadiths that lack a chain of transmission [leading back to] the Prophet even though they contradict the Quran? Who benefits from [including] this hadith in our curricula…?”






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  1. Curt Kastens Avatar
    Curt Kastens

    From my pespective this is the best politcal news in ages. With the Chinese Army having bases in Iran to protect the infrastructure that they are going to build there to protect their access to oil and probalby even more importantly natural gas there is no way in hell that the US can risk a large scale military attack on Iran unless it is prepared to go to war with China too.
    The US could get away with small attacks against Iran far from any chinese troops. But that will not get them any where as the Iranians will be able to launch small scale counter attacks that the US will not be able to put an end to because they will not have the option of a massive air attack on Iran without an even greater risk of widening the conflict than already existed before Chinese troops were present. The risk of a US attack on Iran eventually leading to a war with Russia was already substantial. But now it does not take an expert to see the risks involved.

    I also have to wonder why the Chinese have finally decided now to give such explicit support to the Iranians. Is it because US trade policies with China have antagonized the Chinese government so much? Or could it be that the events in the Persian Gulf region the past spring and summer have caused the Chinese to recalculate the risks of placing troops in Iran?
    I am not the only one who doubted the truthfullness of Trumps claim that he called off an attack against Iran at the last minute because he deemed it disproportionate to the downing of a US drone. He would have known that before he decided to attack Iran. So if that was a lie, what was the truth?
    The truth might have been that no forces at all were ever on their way to attack Iran in the first place. Another possibilty is that there was some kind of technical or personnel failure that would have placed the success of the attack in doubt. Of course problems such as these would likely only be temporary in nature. Did the chinese get some intell that the problem was more significant than temporary?
    I also thought that it was possible that the whole attack was a charade that was part of a diabolical longer term plan to launch an even more devasting military attack against Iran. But if that was the case those plans will have to change now because the entry of the Chinese in to the area makes previous cost benifit risks analysis of potential courses of action obsolete.

    Of course in the longer term this action will delay a response by China (and the US) to moving away from fossil fuels which delays the already late response to human induced global climate change.

    I am still going to celebrate with an exta piece of Toblerone today.

    Ps. I was originally trying to get your email address to send you a link about an organization that I just learned about that I thought that you might have an interest in if you have not already heard of it. The contact system that you use depends on a Microsoft system and I use Google Chrome and could not open it. It was while looking for your email address that I found your blog.
    Here is a link about that organization.

    By the way I have a blog too. In the many years that I have had it the blog has only had a handful of visitors and no one has ever left a comment. My blog is a typepad blog.

    Over the years I have been posting comments regularly on about a half a dozen sites run by other blogers. But I think that my days of commenting are about over as I do not have anything new to say anymore.
    Not only that it seems to me that way to many people are not operating in good faith when presenting their motives for their behavior.
    For example I pointed out on the U. of Mich Proffessor Juan Cole’s blog Informed Comment many years ago that one racist in the USA is a thousand times more dangerous to the American people than 10,000 Taliban in Afghanistan or 10,000 Isis rebels in Syria. Yet the people of the US military have acted all this time as though they could not figure this out. This is imporatant because it means that people are hiding their real motives for what they are doing because they know that there will be bad consequences for making their real motives and goals public. So it seems that nothing can ever change. well at least not the behavior of those that control the institutions of power. Therefore the policies of these institutions will not change. I adhear to the theory that the US government does not work as advertised. I adhear to the deep state theory. So long as people are confused about that they are putty in the hands of the well placed.
    Best wishes from Germany

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