News and Analysis (11/20/09)

The new approach targets Karzai’s cabinet members and provincial governors in an effort to more effective reach out to the people of Afghanistan…

… but the US presence protects Afghanistan “from the need to take responsibility for the fight against the Taliban”:

“The fact is that there is an expiry date on a lot of operations and the perception is that the public and donors’ interest in Iraq has expired at a particularly critical time… But people should not think that the refugee situation has finished”:

Critical to US strategy to defeat the Taliban, Pakistanis increasingly look at their own politicians with growing skepticism:

Failing to achieve a compromise over Iran’s nuclear program:

As long as the peace process remained stalled, Israel will continue to have authority over water use, essentially “controlling¬† the economy and development”:

“Mashhadani has long been a controversial figure, described by some in Fadhil as a protector, others as a brutal extortionist who buried victims alive”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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