News and Analysis (11/25/09)

Blackwater operatives “plan targeted assassinations of suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives, ‘snatch and grabs’ of high-value targets[,] … assist in gathering intelligence and help direct a secret US military drone bombing campaign …  parallel to the well-documented CIA predator strikes”:

It seems Obama’s new strategy will not differ much from the strategy laid out in March 2009 …

… while lawmakers mull the fiscally responsible but politically unpopular move of paying as you go rather than debt spend, that wuld make the true cost of the war more visible:

Fears the expiring deal would bring political chaos rather than democracy reform lead the debate:

“The group of 200 chanted slogans such as ‘No to the plot of Persian expansion’ and ‘Yemen will remain free and independent’ and called for the expulsion of Iran’s ambassador” …

Jews as well as Sunnis are targets of the rebels:

Analogous to Iraq’s political problems, soccer provides an a medium for understanding Iraq:


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