News and Analysis (12/11/09)

Even after conceding three deaths in custody, Iranian officials “have done their utmost to ensure that accounts of rape are discredited and not circulated”:

Security analyst says arrests “suggest that Pakistani law enforcement has stepped up its anti-militancy efforts, even against groups such as Jaish-i-Muhammad that once enjoyed state support”:

Blackwater personnel played central roles in “snatch and grab” operations in Iraqi from 204 to 2006:

Political scientist says the concession signals fear of taking responsibility that has Netanyahu “putting the responsibility on the people,” perhaps allowing him to “make a peace agreement more easily … because ultimately it’s not him who will decide, it’s the people”:

Iraqi politicians remained divided as they blame each other for the recent outbreak of violence:

“‘The innocent and oppressed people will be the victims of American air and ground attacks,'” — group statement to Afghan and U.S. reporters:

With an escalating war in Afghanistan and Israeli-Palestinian negotiations stagnant, Arabs question the legitimacy of Obama’s Nobel prize:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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