News and Analysis (12/12-13/09)

Israeli human rights groups allege investigations into increasing attacks on Palestinians by Jewish settlers are inadequate; “We will burn you all” is scrawled on a mosque wall …

… Meanwhile, Israel cites manpower problems to delay the Court-ordered dismantling of illegal outposts needed to sustain the settlement freeze:

The opposition claims the photo was a fabrication intended to further justify the Revolutionary Guard’s crackdown on the opposition:

Some aid groups will turn down grants with militarizing strings attached:

War for oil? No “American American-based oil companies ,,, came away with a development deal,” and only Exxon/Mobile and and Occidental are part of any winning consortium bid:

Radicalization of American Muslims is impeded by the fact that “the community itself does not really provide them with shelter” — Fawaz Gerges:

Unless Egypt can step up its economic reforms, investors disillusioned with Dubai may turn to Abu Dhabi:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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