News and Analysis (12/14/09)

Lured by unfulfilled incentives by Afghanistan’s central government, many insurgents simply return to the Taliban as the only means of supporting their families:

One government ironically bails out another in the name of “market principles”:

The US military now insist on expanding drone attacks despised by Pakistanis into a major city of 850,000 residents:

The Israeli cabinet has decided to list some Jewish settlements as “national priority zones” entitling the communities built on land taken from Palestinians to millions of dollars of extra state funding…

… Meanwhile, the real freeze is on Palestinian construction with up to 95% of Palestinian applications for building permits denied:

“The veil has become a clichéd symbol for what the West perceives as Muslim oppression, tyranny, and zealotry – all of which have little to do with the real reasons why Muslim women veil”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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