News and Analysis (12/23/09)

“We hope and we dream that the siege will be lifted with Shalit” but “Shalit is not the main reason for the blockade – Hamas is. So nothing will change” — unemployed Gazan:

Notwithstanding Pakistani denials, the unpopular drone attacks within their territory appear to be facilitated by the government:

Never criminally charged, an outspoken journalist hopes to make up time lost at Guantanamo, a place he describes as “ outside of law”:

Afghani Taliban say they don’t need them, but Pakistani militants counter Obama with their own version of a troop surge:

Iraq’s ineptitude at combating corruption is on display …

… but Christmas celebrations beyond the strictly religious are not for the Iraqi Christian population that has fallen 25% since the American invasion:

The veneer of democratic formalism over Iranian authoritarianism becomes thinner with every clash:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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