News and Analysis (12/25/09)

“It is a wall of shame being built by Egypt on the borders with Gaza…. We are opening our territories for a barrier that only serves and supports the Israeli and U.S. policies”…

… Meanwhile, opposition leaders continue to challenge the fairness of democracy in Egypt:

Notwithstanding Shaikh Qaradaw’s opinion that Muslims should not join in Christmas celebrations, Mustafa Akyol argues that Muslims can celebrate Christmas in a spirit similar that Qaradawi permits for the birth of Muhammad (pbuh):

Any political support for nuclear cooperation with the West is now being viewed as treasonous by the Iranian government:

With no charges filed yet, the DC area Muslims detained in Pakistan await their fate in the Pakistani legal system which can be “slow and opaque”:

Few Israelis have any problem in their governments brutal  measures that are internationally as war-crimes; some call for harsher action still:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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