News and Analysis (12/28/09)

As Israelis terrorize the locals to the tune of about $40,000 in fire damage along with 50 uprooted trees in protest of delayed settlement growth…

… the government pursues its claim to all of Jerusalem:

“By using lethal force on a day meant to honor one of Shia Islam’s holiest figures, Imam Hossein–seen as a martyr in the fight against oppression–the regime may have undermined its claim to uphold Iran’s religious traditions”:

This is assimilation? No muadhdhin’s voice form the minaret, just a “nightclubby” flash of a purple beam of light:

Pleading inadequate resources, Pakistani officials believe the Haqqani network poses little threat to the government:

Is al-Qaeda’s center of activity returning to its place  of origin? Yemen may quickly become a priority of the US government:

The Financial meltdown has eroded foreign interest in education:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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