News and Analysis (12/30/09)

Critics say after the substantial fraud of the recent presidential election holding more elections without “root and branch reform” will only cast further doubt into the legitimacy and competence of the Afghan government:

Accusations that “a group partially led by former Guantanamo detainees may have equipped and trained Nigerian bombing suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab” add pressure to deny current detainees the right to defend themselves in court:

Mentor to Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi discreetly holds ambitions of replacing Ayatollah Ali Khamenei …

… “even the shah respected Ashura.” but security forces warn protesters, “[t]he era of tolerance is over. Anyone attending such rallies will be crushed”

“The court was saying that you can’t reasonably find every Palestinian inhabitant to be a security risk…. The security considerations are legitimate, but they have to find other solutions”:

As Netanyahu and Mubarak meet to discuss the future of the Palestinians …

… Hamas complains that Egypt ignores their concerns,  and says it will seek an new intermediary for reconciliation if necessary:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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