News and Analysis (1/1/2010)

“In their zeal to bring charges against the defendants . . . the government used compelled statements to guide its charging decisions . . . and ultimately, to obtain the indictment in this case” – Judge Urbina:

Egypt’s offer meets with a divided response from the gathered humanitarians:

Surge in Palestinian deaths in 2009 is totally due to the attack on Gaza …

… but the continuing theft of private Palestinian private property is widespread:

In the multifaith  holiday spirit, Mukhtedar Khan reminds us:

In his most bold statement since losing the election in January, Mousavi proclaims “the election law should be changed … political prisoners should be freed”…

… Meanwhile, the Iranian government denies any role in the death of a protester who was run over by a truck:

“Western military sources said that the dead were all part of an Afghan terrorist cell responsible for manufacturing improvised explosive devices”:

Cairo meets the movement, with tears and chaos and exaltation


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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