News and Analysis (9/11/19)

“The chapel’s most frequent users, according to chaplain Monica R. Lawson, are the Catholics who attend daily Mass there and the Muslims among the Pentagon’s massive workforce”:

The U.S. “was born out of a series of colonial boycotts against British merchants,” yet several states have tried to stop the movement to boycott Israeli apartheid threatening the free speech rights of Americans:

“Trump announced … that national security advisor John Bolton would be leaving the White House, tweeting that he ‘disagreed strongly’ with many of Bolton’s views” …

… “when it comes to Iran, the Trump administration’s hands are no longer tied by Bolton, an ideologue who views diplomacy as a weakness rather than a tool” …

… but “Iran has rejected talks unless sanctions are lifted first. It said on Wednesday that Bolton’s exit had not changed that position”:

“During the first week of September 2019, Israeli forces … killed Palestinian children, destroyed Palestinian property, stormed a Palestinian village, stole Palestinian land, and assaulted, detained, and abducted Palestinians”:

The author of Islam and Good Governance says that until Muslims will never have good governance until they abandon their medieval understanding of Islamic law for to “take pride in service as they do in their ritual devotions”:

She preferred to kill herself than be denied the right to attend a soccer match:






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