News and Analysis (1/9-10/10)

As Bruce Hoffman suggests a new strategy in fighting terrorism, news breaks that the assassination of a Taliban leader by an unmanned U.S. aircraft led to his replacement by an even more fanatical successor and to the suicide bombing that killed seven CIA officers …

… and those who claim Israel would have known how to keep the underwear bomber off the plane get a wake-up call:

By pumping seawater underneath it, Egypt’s wall may be the final blow to the lifeline to Gazans trapped behind Israel’s suffocating blockade:

Amid conflicting reports as to whether the latest victims of Israeli violence were scrap metal collectors or missile launchers, Alison Weir explains “that nonviolence is only as powerful as its visibility to the world”:

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said he would impose the full legal penalty against his own daughter if she committed a crime; but in the UAE, the president’s brother, caught brutally beating an Afghan man on video, successfully pleads that he “was under the influence of drugs [medicine] that left him unaware of his actions”:

As the Revolutionary Guard’s clout expands, Khamenei warns against their extra-legal activity:

Critics say new names may “have higher education, but are not known to the people and do not have expertise in their ministries”:


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