News and Analysis (1/13/09)

A leading Muslim advocacy organization calls on American Muslims “to help fund repairs to Malaysian churches damaged by vandals” who would deny Christians the right to refer God by His traditional Arabic name of “Allah”:

Afghani intelligence officers kill at least people after Taliban-spread rumors that U.S. forced desacrated the Qur’an and defiled local women provoked a crowd into burning a school and storming a domestic intelligence office …

… Meanwhile, a UN report holds Taliban and insurgent forces accountable for nearly three times as many civilian deaths as Western forces:

Israel’s accelerates the breakdown of its relations with Turkey by subjecting Erdogan to a diplomatic humiliation:

Karzai’s second round of nominations still have many of the same questions that lead to the rejection of most of his first nominations:

Show of force is to demonstrate Iraq’s ability to protect its people and to defuse rumors of a coup:


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