News and Analysis (1/16-17/09)

According Pakistani education experts, government schools rather than Islamic schools are the root of the problem:

CIA agents attempts to intimidate Balawi were the first of many mistakes that lead to the false belief as to which side he was on:

With 27 of the 41 cabinet nominees rejected, Karzai’s political strength and  ability to lead an effective Afghan government are in question:

“We believe in incremental reform, and that takes places in a peaceful and constitutional way. We reject violence and denounce it in all its forms” – Muhammad Badie:

The newest competitor will stand as the largest threat to Prime Minister al-Maliki’s State of Law political party:

“We don’t have enough weapons, we don’t have enough soldiers. Our resources are so stretched that if something happens in the countryside, we can’t respond because there are no helicopters [or] airplanes.”


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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